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1. By using the website, or placing an order on the website, you give your consent and agreement to all the terms mentioned in these terms of use.

2. The information on this site is delivered to you electronically, and therefore might feature errors, inaccuracies and deficiencies. It’s the user’s duty to verify the information displayed on the website. Escape Game  is not responsible for the correctness of the information and / or any action, damage, alteration or cancellation caused, including those caused due to changes in schedules and / or websites and / or locations.

3. In case of damage caused by the cancellation and / or if event details have been changed, Escape Game is not liable to refund the customer and the customer will have no right of action against the Escape Game. .

4. When making a reservation, you will have to fill out a form with your personal details, including name, phone, email address, credit card information and reservation details.

5. You are not obliged by law to provide any of your personal information and its submission depends only on your free will. However, unless you’ve provided all the requested information, you will not be able to make any booking.

6. Escape Game will do its best to protect the information and won’t use if for any purposes, except for the purposes specified in this agreement.

7. Knowingly submitting false information could be considered a criminal offense. Legal action can be taken against those providing false details, including lawsuits for damages caused to Escape Game and / or its designees, due to obstruction of the sale.

8. Escape Game reserves the right to cancel an order, due to submission of false, incomplete, or inaccurate information.

9. Once your reservation has been completed, your reservation details will be confirmed via the e-mail address you provided.

10. The Escape Game website allows you to book safely and is approved by the credit card companies. The company uses the best, most advanced systems of their kind, in order to secure the information provided by the customers. Escape Game provides full protection of consumer information and credit card details, in order to prevent forbidden use of confidential information and of the payment system.

11. Escape Game has the right to change their prices at any given time.

12. When tickets are booked online or through the phone, an additional online booking fee or an additional phone booking fee will be added, accordingly.

13. Escape Game will do its best to maximize the confidentiality and privacy of the customers and prevent access of foreign entities to them. Since these actions are done in an online environment, Escape Game is unable to guarantee absolute immunity to intrusions into its computers, or disclosure of stored information. In case that despite the security measures taken by Escape Game, a third party will manage to access its information, including information collected about the consumers – or to misuse it, you will have no claim or demand against Escape Game.

14. If Escape Game merges with another corporation, or organizes its activities with another corporation, it shall be entitled to forward a copy of the information collected about you to that corporation, provided said corporation will take  these privacy provisions upon itself;

15. Escape Game may use the personal information you provided at time of booking, as well as any information stored about you when you use the site, for production and analysis of statistical information. Escape Game will be permitted to provide statistics and other third parties, provided that no personal data refers to your identify or your personally.

16. The information displayed on the Escape Game site is for knowledge purposes only and is not suitable to serve as a valid reference of any sort and any proceedings under any law. Escape Game and / or their shareholders and / or directors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, financial or other damage, caused to you due to the use and / or reliance on the service, or the information that appears on the website and within its contents.

17. Escape Game are the exclusive owners of all copyrights and intellectual property of the Escape Game website design and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and any other material included therein. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display or transmit any of the aforementioned materials to a third party, without a written consent of Escape Game. Trademarks that appear on the website are the property of Escape Game – or, if published by their advertisement, the property of those advertisers. They may not be used without their consent (of Escape Game and / or advertisers) being provided in advance.

18. Use of the Escape Game Site is subject only to the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction, regarding any matter, arising in relation to Escape Game’s terms of use, is the authorized courts in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

19. The participants should arrive 10 minutes prior to the game’s starting time.

20. It is absolutely forbidden to use verbal and / or physical violence at the Escape Game compound.

21. When you play, you are entitled to use only a reasonable amount of force and avoid any kind of damage and / or loss, whatsoever.

22. The copyrights of the game’s content are protected by its owners. You may not copy, record, transmit, transfer or remove from the compound, in any way, by any media and / or electronic means, information stemming from and / or relating to it, neither for private use nor for any other type of use.



Gift Cards Policy


1. All gift cards will be honored in accordance with the conditions specified on their back side, or on the website of the company they were purchased or received from.

2. In case of any discrepancy between information transferred to the customer from any entity, and the conditions specified on the gift card or corporate website – the conditions specified on the gift card or the company’s website are binding.

3. Gift cards will be honored, as long as they are complete, legible and bear no external markings (writing marks, stickers, etc.).

4. Gift card loss equals loss of cash.


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